Microsoft Research AI & Society 2024 Fellows Program

Microsoft Research AI & Society 2024 Fellows Program

Microsoft Research AI & Society 2024 Fellows Program

We’re seeking qualified individuals to apply for the Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellows Program 2024. The goal is to foster research collaboration between Microsoft Research and distinguished scholars and experts, focusing on the exploration of artificial intelligence.

The AI & Society Fellows Program by Microsoft Research is dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary AI research with a focus on societal impact. This initiative provides chances for fellows from diverse fields, not limited to computer sciences, to engage in collaborative interdisciplinary research with Microsoft Researchers.

Microsoft Research AI stands at the forefront of cutting-edge artificial intelligence exploration. With a commitment to innovation and advancement, this initiative propels the boundaries of AI research, driving breakthroughs that shape the future. The program serves as a dynamic hub for brilliant minds and pioneers in the field, harnessing the power of AI to address complex challenges and transform possibilities into realities.

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Fellowship Summary:

Fellowship Sponsors: Microsoft

Program Type: Research Fellowship

Program Location: Not specified

Program Duration: 6 Months

Available Slot: Several

Basic Qualifications: Not specified

Nationality: All Nationalities

Requirement and Eligibility Criteria for the Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellowship 2024:

  • Be an eminent scholar in field and discipline other than computer science ready to join a variety of interdisciplinary collaborations focused on key research challenges.
  • Applicants must be actively pursuing (enrolled in program) or have already earned their terminal degree in their respective field or discipline.
  • Applicants must demonstrate excellent research abilities and be willing to collaborate with others outside their field.

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Application Procedures for the Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellowship (How to Apply):

Prospective candidates for the Microsoft Research AI & Society Fellowship should thoroughly examine the proposal submission procedure before moving forward to submit their application through the designated portal.

Document Guidelines:

  • Provide candidate information, including region, institution, and research/work focus.
  • Submit a “Statement of Interest” document, limited to 3 pages or less. This can include appendices and citations if relevant.
  • Upload the candidate’s CV/resume through the submission portal.

Application Deadline: November 29, 2023

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