STIAS 2024 Individual Fellowship

STIAS 2024 Individual Fellowship

STIAS 2024 Individual Fellowship

Stellenbosch Institute for Advance Study (STIAS) is now accepting applications from suitably qualified candidates to join The STIAS 2024 Individual Fellowship Programme 2024 comprises projects which are entirely self-generated and proposed by applicants, as well as projects and programmes initiated and led by STIAS.

STIAS provides and maintains an self‘creative space for the mind’ to advance the cause of science and scholarship across all course. It is global in its reach and local in its African roots, and values original thinking and innovation in this context.

STIAS encourages the multiple ideas and hence gives preference to projects that will tap into, and benefit from, a multi-disciplinary discourse while also contributing unique perspectives to such a discourse. This interaction is fostered by inviting individual fellows or project teams where each team member is evaluated individually.

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Fellowship Summary:

Fellowship Sponsor(s): Stellenbosch Institute for Advance Study (STIAS)

Host Institution(s): Stellenbosch Institute for Advance Study (STIAS)

Funding Amount: Funded

Number of Awards: Several

Study Level: Doctoral

Nationality: International Students

Requirement and Eligibility Criteria for the STIAS Individual Fellowship:

  • Applicants who are artists-in-residence and short-term Fellows drawn from the sphere of public commentary and opinion making.
  • A limited number of applications from young scholars who have completed at least one postdoctoral fellowship (preferably more than one) will also be considered annually.
  • Apart from candidates who apply within the framework of an agreement with the Volkswagen Foundation, STIAS does not consider postdoctoral applications.

Selection Criteria

  • Level: Does the proposal entail research at the highest level?
  • Innovation: Does the project break new ground? Does it hold the promise of new insights and the potential to produce new knowledge?
  • Interdisciplinarity: To what extent does the project draw on and contribute to different disciplines? Will the project facilitate an interdisciplinary, cross-pollinating engagements during the residency?
  • Relevance: Is the project appropriate for a programme of an institute for advanced study? Does the project have relevance for South Africa and Africa?
  • Feasibility: How convincing is the proposed methodology and research design, and how realistic is the research plan? Is the applicant equipped to deliver on the proposed project?

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Application Procedures for the STIAS Individual Fellowship (How to Apply):

Candidates are expected to submit along with a covering letter, applications should include:

  • A comprehensive Curriculum Vitae.
  • A list of publications (may be included in the CV).
  • One or two recent articles typical of the applicant’s research work, or related to the proposed project.
  • A project title and description (2-4 pages) of the planned work and expected outcomes.
  • A brief summary/ introductory text (maximum 200 words) of the proposed project accessible to readers from outside the candidate’s specific discipline. This will be posted on the STIAS website (see project summaries for examples).
  • A clear indication of the length of fellowship being applied for, together with preferred and alternative dates of residence at STIAS.
  • A brief indication of how the applicant became aware of the STIAS programme and motivation to choose STIAS.

Submit via:

EMAIL (preferred):
Documentation should be submitted in PDF format.

MAIL: Ms Gudrun Schirge, STIAS Senior Programme AdministratorPrivate Bag X1, Matieland 7602, South Africa

Application Deadline: October 31, 2024

For more information Visit the Official Website.

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