UNAIDS 2023 Internship [Paid Internships]

UNAIDS 2023 Internship [Paid Internships]

UNAIDS 2023 Internship [Paid Internships]

The 2023 UNAIDS Internship program is currently accepting applications. We welcome prospective candidates from all over the world, with a special invitation extended to individuals from United Nations member nations. This internship opportunity spans a duration of 2 to 6 months and welcomes applications from undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates, including those with Bachelor’s, Master’s, and even PhD degrees.

UNAIDS, an abbreviation for The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, serves as a branch of the United Nations tasked with guiding and motivating the global community toward the common goal of eliminating new HIV infections, eradicating discrimination, and reducing AIDS-related deaths to zero. UNAIDS brings together the collaborative efforts of 11 United Nations agencies, which include UNHCR, UNICEF, WFP, UNDP, UNFPA, UNODC, UN Women, ILO, UNESCO, WHO, and the World Bank.

UNAIDS, officially known as The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, is a vital arm of the United Nations dedicated to leading and coordinating the global response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. UNAIDS works tirelessly to promote a world where new HIV infections are eliminated, discrimination related to HIV/AIDS is eradicated, and AIDS-related deaths are reduced to zero. By uniting the efforts of 11 key UN organizations, including UNHCR, UNICEF, WHO, and others, UNAIDS plays a pivotal role in shaping international policies and strategies to combat HIV/AIDS while fostering inclusivity by actively encouraging applications from people living with HIV, women, and underrepresented member states’ nationals.

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Internship Summary:

Company/Organisation(s): UNAIDS

Program Type: Student and Graduate Internship

Program Location: Various

Program Duration: 2 to 6 months

Available Slot: Several

Basic Qualifications: Students/Graduates

Nationality: UN Member States

Requirement and Eligibility Criteria for the UNAIDS Internship:

  • be holders of a valid passport/ID from WHO/UNAIDS Member State
  • be at least 20 years of age at the date of application
  • be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate degree program at a recognized educational institution, OR
  • have completed a course of study and have been awarded an undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate degree at a recognized educational institution within the past year.
  • have a working knowledge of at least one of the WHO/UNAIDS’s official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish)
  • have NOT previously participated in UNAIDS’ internship program.
  • have the following underlisted abilities to meet the contractual terms and conditions

Contractual Terms and Conditions:

  • Ability to work effectively in teams, adapt and integrate easily with the team, work cooperatively in support of team objectives.
  • Ability to convey ideas and thoughts in a clear and convincing way in one-on-one discussions or groups presentations and ability to produce clear correspondence and written reports.
  • Ability to effectively apply their knowledge and skills to the job, and to consistently learn and improve performance.
  • Ability to show initiative and enthusiasm in their work, effectively organize and manage time, and deliver high-quality results in line with agreed objectives.
  • Ability to innovate and find new ways of working and improving results while maintaining a strong service orientation.
  • Ability to take ownership of assigned responsibilities, to be productive, fulfil commitments and use resources responsibly.

Benefits for the UNAIDS Internship:

  • A stipend will be offered by UNAIDS to contribute to intern’s living expenses
  • Interns will be provided with genera medical illness, accident and emergency illness coverage insurance

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Application procedures for the UNAIDS Internship (How to Apply):

To access and explore available job opportunities with UNAIDS, please visit their e-Recruitment website at: https://erecruit.unaids.org. This platform offers detailed instructions for completing the online application process.

UNAIDS warmly welcomes applications from individuals living with HIV. Additionally, they strongly encourage applications from women and nationals of member states that are historically underrepresented or not well-represented in the organization.

Application Deadline: 15 December 2023

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