10 Best Universities in the World to Study Medicine in 2024

10 Best Universities in the World to Study Medicine in 2024

10 Best Universities in the World to Study Medicine in 2024

One of biggest dreams for most international students is to study medicine; and not only that, but to study in the best schools in the world.  In this article we have listed the 10 best universities in the world to study medicine in 2024.

Medicine happen to be regarded as one of the world’s leading courses to study around the world today and it is also highly competitive such that you need to meet a lot of requirements and criteria for you to be accepted into the medical school. The reason is well known – medical schools operate on much higher standards other than other disciplines since their graduates will have to deal directly with lives.

Based on ranking standards, achievements and recognition; we have put together a list of some of the best universities in the world to pursue medicine. Depending on your study interest, you might actually want to choose from many and one other medical schools around the world not listed here. To keep this article as simple as possible, we present just 10 of these universities in the world considered among the best to study medicine.

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List of 10 best universities in the world to study medicine in 2024:

  • Harvard University
  • University of California
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Washington
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Oxford
  • Duke University
  • Columbia University

1.) Harvard university, USA

Harvard university is one of the world’s Top universities in the united states of America, this university is known for its high standard of learning, research and discipline. It has over 20,000 degree candidates including undergraduates, graduates and professional students and it is rated as the best university in the world to study medicine. Over the years they have had over 300,000 alumni globally.

2.) University of California, USA

This University of California is situated in California USA, It is known as one of the best institution in the globally to study medicine. The University of California is known for its innovative way of teaching and learning when it comes to studying medicine and it is regarded as one of the world’s leading health sciences universities with four professional schools including dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy. It has about 70 faculties across each schools.

3.) John Hopkins University, USA

The John Hopkins university school of medicine is among the best institutions to study medicine. It is situated in the U.S, this university is prominent for its use of latest tools and teachings techniques available to scientists and doctors. Its medical school over the years has produced good numbers of doctors and physicist in the medical field making it widely recognized.

4.) Stanford University, USA

Stanford University is known to be one of the world’s best universities to study medicine, situated in the United States, it is known to be leading university in the biomedical revolution, showcasing in leadership and research, creative teaching protocols and effective clinical therapies, the university has produced top medical doctors in the medical field.

5.) University of Toronto, Canada

The University of Toronto in Canada is a great university located in a country known to have the highest number of college graduates globally. The university of Toronto’s faculty of medicine is at the top of life changing health research and innovation, this university has two unique campuses namely St George campus in downtown Toronto and the sleek and modern Mississauga campus. It is also agreed that this university is in a place to prepare students to practice medicine of the 21century.

6.) University of Washington, USA

The University of Washington, situated in Seattle, Washington, is known to be one of the best universities to study medicine in the world their research innovations in biomedicine. it is known for its well- resources research environment and it is a home to over 1,000 graduates and over 600 million dollars are being distributed to postdocs in funding for biomedical research and scientist training. One of the top purpose of this university is to raise leaders and international students to improve health in different populations by solving problems in a speed changing societies and health systems.

7.) University of Pennsylvania, USA

The University of Pennsylvania, USA  is an institution founded by Benjamin Franklin, the university of Pennsylvania was home to the first medical school and the first hospital school in the United States. Students of the institution are exposed to effective leadership training and get hands on experience in facilities like the flyers/76ers surgery theater. This university has produced great alumni which include two Nobel prize winners, Michael Stuart brown and Stanley Prusiner, and also George McClellan founder of Jefferson medical college now known as Thomas Jefferson university.

8.) University of Oxford, UK

The university of oxford, situated in the United Kingdom, it is one of the most respected university in the world and a home to over 10,000 undergraduates. The medicine course at oxford university provides a thorough intellectual training with particular emphasis on the basic science research that underpins medicine. Also all A100 students at oxford undertake an experimental research projects as part of their BA medical sciences. however, the school of medical and biomedical science at oxford is relatively small, allowing students and staff to get to know one another and benefits from a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

9.) Duke University, USA

Duke university is a private research university in Durham, North Carolina, and is regarded as one of the  youngest university among research institution in the United States. it is said to be the youngest among the very best institutions in the United States and also in the world. The institution is known for excellence in research and also it ranked NO. 5 in the nation for medicine by the U.S news and world report with its school of medicine is ranked NO.6. One of its most valuable assets is it work force and it motion to promote opportunities, valuable tools and it new resources to produce the best medical doctors and physicians in the medical field.

10.) Columbia University, USA

The Columbia university, it is one of the top leading institutions in the United States and also globally, it’s medical school is known as the Vagelos college of physicians and surgeons founded in 1767. Over 250 years, this institution has oversee medical education, research and patient care for its neighborhood, for New York city, and for patients from all around the world.

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The 10 universities in this article are among the best in the globally to pursue medicine in 2024, they  represent universities of excellence, each showing by its contributions to medicine, research, and patient care. From the known Harvard University to the great University of California and the Stanford University, these institutions stand as universities for medical growth.

They are all open to international students who wish to study medicine, however going by their standard, one should expect that gaining entry into these schools will certainly come with high competition. Notwithstanding, serious minded international students will always prepare themselves to be outstanding and to meet every requirement set to gain entry and admission in these schools.

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